Get Wealthy

We all want to win at life. And while money may not be everything, it is a pretty big deal. So it’s pretty normal to want to make more money, and it’s okay to want to be rich.

There’s a million articles and people trying to tell you what you have to do to be rich but at it’s basic core, it’s only two things that determine if you get wealthy or not. Consider this the two levers of financial freedom: increase your income, or lower your expenses.

Here at My Rebel Money, these are the two things we are going to focus on. Tips that save you money, and ideas that make you money. Along the way we’ll be going over so many aspects of finance, investments, credit, and everything in between. Subscribe, follow, keep up with the posts and most importantly, apply them to your life.

See you at the top.


Rebel KIng.

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