Quarterly Review

I’ve decided every now and then to share an update of my stock market activity for anyone who may gain insight from them, and also as a way for me to look back and get a sense of how I thought about different investments. Nothing I say here represents investment or business advice. It’s purely a review of my own thoughts and actions, as a point of interest.

I made a few small investments in some stocks, although I was ready to ignore the market for the rest of the year. Here I present them, why I invested and current results:

1. Alibaba (BABA)

I invested in Alibaba because of the monster opportunity it currently controls, i.e. the entire Chinese market internet commerce. It also had an excellent valuation going into the IPO and has massive growth prospects.

Purchase Price: $88.18

Current Price: $102.82

Returns: 17%.

2. Zendesk (ZEN)

I was tipped to Zendesk by a friend when it was just at $14. It’s a CRM provider that is growing rapidly due to excellent pricing and supreme attention to customer service, in addition to technology that is (from the reviews I’ve seen) excellent. By the time I finished my DD, it had risen to $25 but I was still convinced in their long term value so I purchased. Since then, I watched it languish below $21 for months until they announced their earnings just recently and beat expectations. They’ve finally risen past my purchase price, and the relief I felt is a strong part of the reason I’m writing this.

Purchase Price: $25.10

Current Price: $27.09

Return: 8%

3. Brown Forman (BF-B)

Back in college, people identified me with two things: Vampire Weekend and Jack Daniels. So it’s no surprise I’ve been following the parent company of my favorite drink for over two years waiting for a right time to buy. It’s an incredibly popular stock (because it’s one of the most well run businesses I know) so it’s ALWAYS overvalued. After two years, there was a strong dip in the markets some weeks ago that brought down the price some. And even though I had just a little money, I had to buy. Ended up picking just a tiny bit. If there’s ever a strong pullback, I’ll load up with any savings I have. For now, I’m waiting like a hungry lion.

Purchase Price: $84.90

Current Price: $93.00

Return: 9.5%

4. Mobileye (MBLY)

I had Mobileye on my radar for a long time, as I kept hearing them referenced in relation to Tesla (everyone kept saying Tesla should get Mobileye to develop it’s autonomous abilities) so I decided to give them a look. I ended up buying them the same day I bought Zendesk. They eventually announced a deal with Tesla and being that they’re in the automotive technology business, having both stocks (TSLA & MBLY) is a bit worrying, for my risk exposure. But I’m young, so it stays. It’s been one of the best performers too, rivalling returns for positions I’ve been in much longer.

Purchase Price: $38.06

Current Price: $50.00

Return: 31.3%

So in all, a pretty good quarter. I have a few older positions dragging my returns somewhat, and some boosting it, so in all, I’m coming out okay. As long as the outcome is income, right? Word to Drake.

If you have any thoughts on these equities, or something else I need to be thinking of, drop me a comment. Or just share something you think I can talk about that would be helpful to you.




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