Happy Thanksgiving!


I have a lot to be thankful for. My life is a never ending roller-coaster, yet I often look back and wonder what good thing I did in the past, now forgot or what terrible thing lies in my future yet to be seen for which I am so wonderfully blessed today. I live a charmed life, and I thank God for it.

To God: Many have wondered about faith, if You are true, if You are who they believe You to be. But I know this to be true, other than those six lost years, I have always felt Your presence in my life. Some things remain impossible to fully know, and knowing is what we seek. In this world, you are unknowable. Yet you have made your presence felt, and have shown a way. For we who understand, that is enough.

To those who doubt: You are not alone. I too have doubts. Don’t let anyone tell you that doubt is not allowed.If you ask me, it is the principal thing in the search for truth. Find it your way. (All religions [have] at least one common commandment: “Thou shalt not disfigure the soul.”)-F.Herbert.

To my friends: Emeka, Chibueze, Dan, Iroko, Winifred, Busola, Kingsley, Ifeanyi, Didi, Ogozy, Stanley, Ezinne, Chiamara, my own Tana, Qnet, Jessica, tons of others that I could never completely name, there’s no one of you I take for granted. Thanks for everything, the little and the big. Here’s to the future.

To my family: You deserve a whole new post all by yourself, but I can’t talk about y’all to strangers. All the same, you guys are the absolute best. Bro, keep killing it. Luch, hold the fort. Ij, I can’t wait to see you. Nwanne m, I’m waiting for your bundle of joy. I’ll reach out to Okey’s people here, I promise. Udojiaku, I’m sorry I don’t call enough. Thanks for everything.

To America: You’re a great nation. I wish you’d be more introspective so you’d see the hordes of your sons and daughters who need you to be better for them, and let them be great for themselves and their future. But it’s always a work in progress and we won’t stop.

To Nigeria: it’s coming. That’s all I can say. I’m thankful you’re still here and will continue to be as 2015 comes and goes.

To all my readers, followers and all: so many of you I would love to meet, so many of you inspire me and so many of you have influenced me already. I’m thankful.

To everyone: I leave you the words of Phillip Pullman – We have to build the Republic of Heaven where we are, because for us there is no elsewhere.

Don’t forget to build you a Republic of Heaven wherever you may find yourselves, be it with friends, family, and lovers this holiday season. Nothing we do is more important than this.

God bless.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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