Elon Musk: Can’t Knock His Hustle

In the above title I of course riff on the title of a very popular if slightly cheesy 2002 film, Bend it Like Beckham.

While I am as rabid a soccer fan as the average male specie of the Nigerian extraction, the hero of this story, Elon Musk is not known to kick a ball. What he does do, however, is display incredible intelligence and dexterity in bending the rules of the game into the perfect culvert to drop resources at his feet.

A story in Fortune magazine brilliantly chronicles the ways Elon, fully aware of the need for states to score an optic victory in the post recession battle for job creation, plays off different groups against each other to capture enough concessions to make his proposed Gigafactory a reality. There’s hardly anything I can add to it. It’s such a story.

Read it here: Inside Elon Musk’s $1.4 Billion Score.

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