Fake Guevara: An Open Letter to Russell Brand

Apparently, Russell “Fake Guevara” Brand had caused quite a ruckus at RBS office in London, after his film crew was barred from entering the bank offices. In the ensuing lockdown, a banker coming in from buying lunch ended up stuck outside in the cold for so long that his lunch got cold. And boy, was he pissed.

He wrote an open letter about the encounter, excoriating Russell in classic British style. You simply do not get between a capitalist and his hard won, well deserved, piping hot, lunch. People have killed for less. As the man points out:

    “Much as I disagree with most of your politics, I’ve always rather liked you. You do a good job of coming across as someone who might be fun to be around. Turns out, that’s an illusion.

Because, you see, Russell, when you accosted me, you started speaking to me with your nose about two inches from mine. That’s pretty fucking aggressive, Russell. I’m sure you’re aware of the effect. Putting one’s face that close to someone else’s and staring into their eyes is how primates square off for a fight.”

Further down, he lashes out as Brand’s method further:

“I’m sure that, like turning up with a megaphone instead of an appointment, such an aggressive invasion of personal space makes for great footage: you keep talking to someone in that chatty reasonable affable tone of yours, and they react with anger. Makes them look unreasonable. Makes it look like they’re the aggressive ones. Makes it look like people get flustered in the face of your incisive argument. When in fact they’re just getting flustered in the face of your face.”

If you really want to see the rest of the take down, read his letter here. Please, read it, cos the letter is ten times better and more incisive than anything I’d comment on it. I wish more people will express their gall at the hypocrisy of “communists” like Russell Brand who take cheap shots at capitalism while they collect taxpayers money from BBC, use tax shelters for their movie productions and ride around in Range Rovers with multi million dollar bank accounts. If you want to be socialist that bad, sell off all your property, give away the money and move to Cuba. It’s really that simple.

But of course that doesn’t make for big bucks. So here we are.

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