Love Lost

I’ve been staring at the sky since my love took off

my heart is a runway.

My clouds are treacherous but you’re a LearJet

built for flight.

Leaving these dark skies behind

Leaving me standing silently in the night.

Leaving me food for thought.

It’s been six weeks since I spoke to you

And I keep turning the question around and around in my thoughts

“Who were we, and what were we before?”

In my hands lies the cellphone that since went silent.

It’s the story of my life, played backwards.

But in this version, it’s the protagonist that sticks his neck out

For no one really-she’s long gone and everything runs in rewind.

Time does not fly by

Love gives way to history

History gives way to regret.

And all the snow of Ottawa melt into rivulets

then fade into rain that fall back to the source, on Saint Joseph’s oratory in Mont Royal.

The rain soaked note falls apart in my hand

I walk back up the steps to the house

And just before I close the door,

look up one last time and bid her safe flight.


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