Genes Are A Crazy Thing.

Genesthe OG programming language.

  I was hanging out with a friend some days ago, and she showed me a huge, old family album. As I was going through the pictures, she would explain who was who, and their relationship to her. We got to one picture. “Oh, that’s my maternal great-great-grandfather.”

I paused. My friend was the spitting image, in female form, of this guy from five generations ago. Spiting image,from  her chin, eyes, bone structure, the line of her lips, blonde hair, everything. At the same time, she looked like her dad, wide lean face, eyes, smile. I was struck by how strange that was, how almost eerie. How can you look like so much like two different ancestors, one of them five generations removed, and at the same time your face remains uniquely yours? I kept looking from her to her dad’s pic to the picture she showed me. It was like seeing the same person manifested in three different forms. And her dad was not related in any way to this great great grand father. Crazy.

That brought me back to this Christmas, when my sister visited. We were hanging out, when someone called me so I stood up and was walking around while on the phone. When I came back to sit down, she was looking at me with a funny look on her face. “What?” Apparently, my voice, mannerisms and all mimicked my dad almost to the letter. People have told me that before. I was nothing like him, growing up. But here we are.

And then last night, I saw this video of Will Smith, and his son, Jaden.

The similarity between them, again is astonishing. Genes are a powerful thing. It’s crazy to think about right? In a lot of ways, we are the reincarnation of our ancestors.You are you, and yet, you are so many people that came before. They’re all alive in you. That’s a crazy thought.

What about you? Any long lost ancestor you act or look like? Or do you find yourself mirroring one or both of your parents without knowing it?


  1. Stumbled on an old photo of my maternal grandfather. Very eerie how looked like a 60s version of my little brother.


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