A New Fashion/Art Destination: Glowing Colors x Lily


Guys, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Lily Okoronkwo at her new African fashion/culture/art blog, theglowingcolours.com

I met Lily a few years ago. We liked a lot of the same things, and we struck up an easy going friendship. At the time, she lived in Venice, working as an art broker and part time model. She put together an art exhibition for some organizations a few times in Italy, and later in Nigeria.

After a move to London to study Business Administration, Lily was expected to join her family’s winery business at graduation. She instead decided to follow her passion and get more involved in African art and fashion. There are lots of things happening on the continent and a lot of pan-African stories not getting enough air, and with Glowing Colours, she hopes to make more of these stories known to all of us. I’ve already stumbled upon new fashion icons from Senegal and Morocco through her blog, and she’s just getting started.

A Glowing Colours art exhibition is also in the works. And knowing Lily, there’ll be plenty more. So put some colour in your day by checking out the stories on her blog, and watch the space for what’s on the way.

And please, tell someone you know about theglowingcolours.com




  1. Lol. Someone took “glowing colours” quite literally.
    The place does seem a tad busy sha, and looks like it might require a bit of a time investment to get into. I love art. Love African art. Would like to keep up. But on this one, I might have to pass. Hope everyone else likes it so.

    Speaking of African (Nigerian) Art, you should check out Toyin Odutola (@obia_thethird on Instagram). Very not mainstream. Loving IT.


  2. My advice would probably be to pick one section of Glowing colours that you’re interested in and limit your engagement to that. The site is a goldmine, for me at least.
    But I’ll also find out what Lily thinks about making it less busy lol.


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