My Favorite Pictures from the #MetGala

The Metropolitan Musuem Costume Institute’s annual fundraising Gala, aka the Shangri-la of fashion, aka Anna Wintour’s Ball is probably one of the most definitive events in the cultural scene. It is a testament to the marketing acumen of Wintour that the event has gone from a private fund raising dinner that coughs up around $2-3 million to fund the Institute’s annual budget, to the absolutely must attend global fashion event where guests pay around $25,000 a pop or $175,000 for a ten person table to attend. Under Anna Wintour’s tenure of playing host to the ball, she’s raised close to $145m in total, or around $10m per night on average for the institute. In acknowledgement, the newly renovated building for the institute is named after her.

But, let’s not talk business or money for now. Let’s talk about the pictures I loved the most from yesterday’s ball. The theme for this year was “China: through the Looking Glass” which, combined with the monster exhibition of Chinese and Chinese influenced art/fashion in the Met, made me expect a full China themed event. There’s a sense that many of the guests played it safe, but some looks were spot on and stood out. Here are some of my faves of the night.

1. Rihanna


Yes, it looks like cheese pizza with jalapeno toppings (or an omelette with the right view). Now that that’s out of the way, we can also agree that it makes a definitive statement, it is bold, it fits the theme and it might actually be the only outfit on display made by a Chinese designer. Guo Pei, the couturier who made the dress (it took two years to make) also made a blue-porcelain dress that was one of the signature promotion images used by MetMusuem for this event.  And given that it stole the night that every designer in the world hoped to steal, I say the boldness has more than paid off. Rihanna for the win. Read about how she chose the dress here. 

2. Zendaya


Boy, I looked long and hard at Zendaya in this outfit and could not find a single flaw. Not one. None. If you disagree, you’re a damn liar and the truth is not in you. Everything about dress and wearer was perfect and every part of me agrees. I refuse to elaborate about what specific parts agree the loudest (it’s definitely my heart). Let’s just say, If Zendaya was Rihanna, this would be number 1. But she’s still Zendaya.

3. Fan BingBing

FanHer name will never not crack me up. But she is, in that outfit-the very Chinese and very opulent dress by another Chinese designer,Christopher Bu- a walking work of art. She’s basically the Genevieve Nnaji of China which makes her a big deal, in a country of that many people. And last night, she looked like a prize jewel.

4. Karen Elson

DolceMost people for the night, basically reassembled the normal black tie evening dresses and formal wear and just changed the color schemes to red, gold and black as a nod to China. So most of it were underwhelming. But not this. This Dolce and Gabbana ensemble is a festival of blood and gold. It looks like a Lannister. Looking at it makes my blood pump faster. It makes Elson, the Brit singer-model look like a golden queen bathing in the blood of a million virgins. Being a redhead just intensifies the whole thing. There’s something pagan, virile and sexual about the look of her. I should look up who D&G’s current CD is because lately they’ve been interesting in a way they haven’t been in years.

5. Cara Delevingne

Sorry, Just Jared photo guys.

There’s nothing remotely costumey about Cara’s outfit except perhaps, the false tattoos. There’s really no look either. She just makes my list because she’s Cara. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I mean look at her. And then listen to her talk. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the new Kate Moss. (Just don’t listen to her sing, she’s on her own when it comes to that).

These were the women that made the night for me.

And with that, I’m possibly not doing any fashion related post for the end of the year. I blame Lily for even starting this.

Overall though, the night was a killer. Who did you love their outfit?

What do you think?

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