The Three Best Changes I’ve Made This Year

This has been an incredibly important year for me. I’m not sure if it’s the fact of turning twenty-five, or of finally coming to terms with a very painful loss that I carried within for years, or just that I’ve been working longer and longer hours, but there’s something about this year that just says: calm and collected. That was never me. And of course, calm and collected is really relative, being that many still consider me a veritable rolling stone, but the saying is “as a man thinketh in his heart”, not as others think. So yeah. Dope year.

I made many changes to my life and was absolutely stunned at how different they’ve worked out to be. My theme for this year was: change requires sacrifice. And the first sacrifice I made was to participate in my church’s forty day fast. It’s astonishing how much that helped. My spiritual life is deeper and stronger, and I have a greater sense of internal order.

I stopped drinking. Not, like I won’t have a shot or two, or drink a beer every now and then. But partying on Friday nights, getting drunk and spending all weekend recovering? Out the window. This has been the era of turning down social invitations. When I do show up, I’m there for a bit of time, then I dip. My life revolves around work, a few good friends, my family and some projects I’m involved in. It’s been incredible seeing how much more balanced I’ve been since I quit the scene.

I started waking up around 5am daily. This one still takes a little effort, because depending on how late I sleep, getting up early is a task. But I’ve pretty much incorporated this into my daily routine. Because of this, I get to work at 6am on most days. Which means, unless I’m particularly busy, I get off at 3pm. I spend the next seven hours working on personal projects, working out, reading and what not. I didn’t realize there were so many hours in the day to do all this. My current goal now is to brutally optimize most of my waking hours. It ties in neatly with something I’m working on as well.

I have a few things I want to have done by December 31st. A lot of them are happening in the coming months, but some are further out and require a lot of thinking, work and focus. I know I’m ready, and I’m in the mood to work so that’s what I’m going to do.

Being that I’ve always rather lived fast, I’m twice as aware now of how short time is and how quickly one runs out. So to the extent I can make these changes permanent, I will.


  1. As soon as I read ‘stopped drinking’, I knew I wanted to finish the article. When I finished, I said “hmmm I’ll drink to this”….then I remembered, I don’t drink…lol. Nice one.


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