Can Trump Finance a Presidential Campaign?


A few days ago, Mark Cuban ripped Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump about his ability to self-finance a presidential run. Now, the Maverick makes good points about net worth versus actual, honest to God, cash in the bank.

But I do think that, were Trump legitimately trying to be President, he does have enough money to run a campaign at his current spending rate, until 2020.

As of now, he’s spent about $1.5 million for 16 days of campaigning.

He’s raised in that same time, around $100,000 from private donors. Not the best donor record, but one can argue that his insistence that he will pay for his own funding is lowering his donation odds. For now, let’s assume everything stays the same, he raises and spends money at the rate he’s done it so far. He’d be spending about $88,000 daily, net. A year and four months of that, which takes him into November 2016 general elections, will run him up to $42.8 million

From my previous post,  we saw that he has about $47 million in cash, and another $177 million in stocks and treasury bonds which could be easily liquidated. So if he really wanted to give it a go, he could very well afford to.

If the real Donald play here though, like the Economist says is simply to put up enough of a run to force both Democrats and Republicans to strike a deal with him which may boost his own business interests, then he’s as shrewd a dealmaker as he claims to be. But at least, he won’t be President.

I really don’t think he ever will be. The media will have too much of a field day with a candidate Trump for him to ever make it through. But for now, let him spend his money to entertain us all. He definitely can afford that.

What do you think?

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