On Nigerian Parents and Raising Financially Independent Kids

Yesterday, my man @Echecrates reposted this tweet by what I assume is a business owner in Nigeria complaining about the attitude of middle and upper middle class Nigerian kids who grow up being spoon-fed by their parents without any real life experience until they show up to the workplace, demanding salaries that are incommensurate with […]

Honest Unicorn: Jessica Alba’s Start Up Joins the Billion Dollar Clubba,

Jessica Alba went from conquering screens to running her own company, when she started Honest Co. to provide mothers with baby supplies that are organically sourced and manufactured without some of the dangerous chemicals and materials found in typical baby products. It’s hard to say if Honest Co.’s products are genuinely and demonstrably safer than […]

Would You Try This Brain Performance Enhancing Drug?

Athletes have their Performance Enhancers. Weightlifters and bodybuilders have their steroids. Rockstars have their cocaine. And every college student or intern in America knows Adderall. What do all these have in common? They’re all illegal unless prescribed. But lately, there’s been buzz about perfectly legal chemical products that offer their takers increased mental performance, focus, […]