Honest Unicorn: Jessica Alba’s Start Up Joins the Billion Dollar Clubba,

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba went from conquering screens to running her own company, when she started Honest Co. to provide mothers with baby supplies that are organically sourced and manufactured without some of the dangerous chemicals and materials found in typical baby products.

It’s hard to say if Honest Co.’s products are genuinely and demonstrably safer than everything else out there, and whether or not your typical baby products are indeed as dangerous as the perception is. What has been proven without a doubt however, is that parents will go to lengths to give themselves and their babies the feeling of better safety and health, unproven or not. When our children are involved, most of us will always prefer to err on the side of caution and excess. So parents all over have been signing up, and paying a premium for a subscription to receive Honest Company’s line of healthy baby products. The company made revenues of $50 million in 2013, and $170 million in 2014. Not bad.

And just a few days ago, the company raised $100 million in new round of funding valued at around $1.7 billion to vault it into the league of private start ups with over a billion dollar valuation, aka The Unicorn Club. I doubt this makes Ms. Alba a billionaire in net worth terms, but that does make her richer than a lot of your faves.

I guess the next stop is an IPO. I hope, if (or when) that happens, it vaults her officially into billionaire status so I can act like she’s the new Mark Cuban and refer to her eternally as Billionaire Jessica Alba.

Because ever since I watched her in the 2003 film Honey, I knew she was born to make moves.

More power to her.

Read more about her company and the equity raise at Wall Street Journal.

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