One Year Old.

Today makes it one year I’ve had this blog!

I’m excited about it for a number of reasons. The first is because it’s my first time keeping the same blog for up to a year (my relationships in general have been lasting longer the older I’ve got, so thank God). Usually, I’d have a place but once I work through the thoughts I started it for, I shut it down.

The second is the response. This blog has largely been very personal, with thoughts ostensibly about finance, but in reality running the gamut from personal stories, interests, some fiction, finance, fashion, whatever catches my fancy. Yet, it’s been remarkable that I’ve gotten so many views, visitors, responses, comments and all, more than six thousand people have read this small outpost of mine. I appreciate everyone of you, and I honestly want to share any knowledge I can that would help you in any way.

If you happen to read this, and want me to write on anything specific, just drop a comment or write me on twitter @eldivyn and I’ll do my best to give you a response. Again, the subject just has to be around finance, investing, or business. And in the coming year, I will try to write for an audience a little bit more than I usually do. It’s not a promise so don’t hold me to it. But I’ll try.

I’ll also take the fiction aspect a little more seriously.

Here’s to the next year!


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