Monday Link-Wrap

Here’s stuff I read about today:

  1. This Bloomberg analyst thinks the Fed already made a mistake by not starting its rate hike earlier. I agree, and I’ve been vocal about how the Fed should’ve raised since late last year, but hopefully, it’s not too late. After all, the spectre of inflation has been touted for years but the recovery has been too tame to really spur it.
  2. France is stepping up the heat on ISIS, the Brits are going to join them, and Belgium is still on lock down. 
  3. The M&A train is still chugging rapidly, with Pfizer and Allergan doing a $160bn deal that is all about growth and inversion.
  4. Starbucks is crushing, and using technology and ecommerce in ways no one else is touching. 
  5. Nigeria and Saudi Arabia are facing the same kind of problems, although they have it easier than us. 
  6. Commodities are still taking a Beating
  7. No one can make sense of Nigeria’s central bank policies anymore
  8. Volkswagen cheated on their Audi emissions too. I’m actually hurt.
  9. Clock boy, Ahmed is suing for $15 million, which isn’t outrageous to just me alone, right?
  10. How to transform meat into a Dinner worthy feast

What do you think?

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