My Year in Music

Hi guys!

2015 is coming to an end, which is stunning because where did it go?!! I hate this thing where the older you get, the faster time flies. I mean I didn’t even realize that 12 years a slave was a 2013 movie, until I finally decided to pull out some films I had added to my ‘to watch’ list and do a little catching up! I’d talk about the movie’s awesomeness (hello, McQueen’s landscapes and skyscapes) but that might generally be old news.

Instead, I want you guys to check out Spotify’s ‘Year in Music’ feature, which they just released. It’s a catalog of all the tunes you played the most throughout the year. I’m a music lover, yet for some reason I really don’t listen to music as often as I should. I prefer to work in silence a lot of the time, and on busy streaks I can go weeks without playing any tunes at all. I really only listen to music to sleep, chill out or party. Once I’m not doing those, I have to remind myself to play songs.

Anyway, it was a fun window to look back at all my favorite tracks on Spotify this year. The list is jaundiced by the fact that I got Apple Music and haven’t looked back since, but it’s still a handy reminder.

My top 5 artists for the year were

  1. Vampire Weekend (no one who knows me is surprised by this.)
  2. Tinariwen (A band out of Mali)
  3. Leon Bridges (The new Sinatra lol)
  4. Bob Dylan (One of my all time favorites)
  5. Jay-z (the only rapper to make my list).

My top 5 track streams were:

  1. Nearer my God to Thee x Vocal Point
  2. Ya Hey x Vampire Weekend
  3. Lisa Sawyer x Leon Bridges
  4. Step x Vampire Weekend
  5. Diplomat’s Son x Vampire Weekend

In total I listened to 1,623 minutes or around 2 days which is paltry considering my friend had close to 33,000 minutes under his belt. But again, I’m not surprised by that. And despite the eclectic mix of songs that I listened to, my top genre still came out as Hip Hop. I’m not mad at that.

How about you guys? Follow the link and tell me what your results were. I’m curious to know.

I love this feature, I hope Apple Music does something similar, so I can compare both platforms and also check one year to the next!

Alright, guys. Have a good week!

What do you think?

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