This School is Offering You a Free M.B.A.

Most solid MBA programs cost an arm and a leg. And for many people, getting one means getting a boatload of student loans with it.

So for those of us who have dreams of getting an MBA but are being held back by the prohibitive costs, there may be a lucky break. Arizona State University is doing away with tuition costs at its business school program. The entry class of fall 2016 will attend absolutely free. That’s about 120 people. If you want to apply, go for it and all the best.

Arizona State’s MBA cost around $54,000 annually for in-state students and around $90,000 for internationals. Thanks to a $50million gift from real estate businessman William Carey who their business school is named after, the university can afford this risk.

According to them, the goal is to attract some candidates who want to specialize in fields other than the MBA staples of finance, management, tech or manufacturing. They also want to pull in bright, but less affluent students.

You can read more about it here. 

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