Hedi Slimane Leaves YSL

It’s a sad day at Rebel Money today. My favorite Creative Director, Hedi Slimane has parted ways with Saint Laurent after one of the most brilliant four years I’ve seen anyone pull off in a fashion house that wasn’t directly named after themselves. 20% growth in revenue every year, about $1.09 billion last year (compared to around $400 million when he was hired in 2012).

Saint Laurent announced today that Anthony Vaccarello, the Belgian designer who ran Versus Versace would be taking over. Apparently, he’s good. I’ve seen his work. He doesn’t have that gamine edginess I find so rebellious and attractive in Slimane’s work. He does have the sexy, though. A bit too obvious with it for my tastes but we’ll see if YSL influences him as much as he influences it.

For now, I’m waiting to see where Mr. Slimane ends up. Some have rumored Dior but his aesthetics aren’t quite Christian Dior (although he did helm their men’s brand Dior Homme). What worked so perfectly for Slimane and YSL (and made it my favorite) was that their aesthetics and audience meshed so perfectly. I hope Vaccarello recreates that.

And wherever Hedi Slimane ends up, I hope he knocks it out the park. I’ll miss him at Saint Laurent.

What do you think?

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