How I Think Game of Thrones Will End

I’ve been suffering from GoT withdrawals so bad that I started watching it from the beginning, in anticipation for Season 6 which kicks off on the 24th.

The good thing about rewatching it is that I can see a lot more early clues to the characters due to what I know of the story’s eventual arc. Because of that, as well as hours spent on GoT Wiki sites, I’ve formulated my theories on how the story will conclude.

1. Winter will come. 

This one is obvious. What’s the point of telling us winter will come over and over if it never does.

2. Jon Snow is Azor Ahai

He died to shed the Crow’s vow and when he comes back he will know his true ancestry as a Targaryen and leader of the people.

3. There will be another war between men and white walkers. 

Men will win, with the help of Jon Snow’s Lightbearer sword, Daenerys’ dragons, the Stark direwolves and the Forest children who Bran found.

4. Arya Stark will die.

She will not go lightly into that good night but go she will. Because I see how GRRM sets the xter up now. 

5. Peace will be restored

The throne will be Jon Snow’s. Daenerys will be his Queen and bring the Dothraki and the rest of her kingdoms with her into an alliance with Westeros. Tyrion Lannister will become the Hand of the King and secure his family’s support. Cersei may commit suicide possibly after her last son Tommen is killed.

That’s it.

Of course I’m not GRRM so feel free to take all of this with a pinch of salt. I just need the 24th to get here already!

Peace out.


  1. I agree with you on everything but Arya Stark and Cersei Lannister. I don’t think Cersei would go by suicide. That doesn’t seem characteristic of her. For someone who endured the ultimate humiliation! By walking through Kings Landing naked, and then came back and immediately started plotting her revenge? I think she’ll go down fighting, or suffer an unlikely death in typical GRRM fashion. I’m thinking something of the way Tywin Lannister died, killed by his son while he was taking a dump.
    Arya Stark seems very resilient to me. And she doesn’t seem to be burdened by the kind of sentimental spirit that most of the Starks are burdened with. Think Ned, Robb and Sansa. And because of that, I think she may wiggle her way through and stay alive. Maybe she wouldn’t return to Westeros and continue a Stark, but I’m pretty sure she’ll survive.
    So, did you the books?

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    1. No I didn’t. Ideally Arya would come and go from Westeros like that her friend the Bravosi assassin but I’m counting on GRRM’s sadism here. There’s no other real reason for her to die

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      1. Yes, I did. Right after watching season 5. It was brilliant. You get a bigger picture and a better sense of the characters after reading the book.
        And the life lessons are even more profound. GRRM is a genius.

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  2. And about GRRM’s sadism, i’ll say read the book. Ned Stark behaved as if the every other human being in the world was as upright and honest as he was. He wasn’t built for politics, of course he had to die.
    Robb Stark acted like an idiot sentimental child(he was a child), and married into a lesser house. His wife’s family were Lannister bannermen. And no one in the seven kingdoms fucks with Tywin. Least of some random, small house.
    Catelyn Tully’s death was the real tragedy. She was just a mother caught up in her son’s folly.
    Arya Stark could be a young Cersei. She does what she has to do to survive, and people like that almost always survive.

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  3. I agree with all the above. Robb Stark, Ned, even Jon Snow. I definitely hopes Arya survives because she is too dope. I’ve been tempted to read the books since maybe 2013 but I didn’t want to get ahead of the TV series. Now that the TV is ahead of the books, perhaps I will.

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    1. Reading the book will offer a better insight to Jon’s character. All of his seemingly noble actions have some sort of self-preservative instincts in them. He didn’t just do things because it was right, sometimes he did things because it was better for his survival. Jon Snow wouldn’t be Azor Ahai otherwise.
      You should start reading the book now. There won’t be any conflict with the tv series until book five, and they’re all long reads, so you’re good.

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      1. I wonder why I sound familiar, because you don’t know me. I’ve followed you on twitter for a while though, but I’ve never said anything to you.
        I think i’ve commented on a post on your blog before too.

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  4. So GOT seems to be dragging itself out this season, and that has become old and frustrating. I wonder how you’re finding it.


    1. I’ve enjoyed it, but that’s also because I tend to stack the episodes then catch up all at once. I like that Arya got stabbed which shows my general thoughts about the arc of her story were right, but given the recent changes in the broader Stark world, I’m not so sure if she dies.


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