Random Musings III: Obvious Heresies

1. There are a lot of intelligent Nigerians. Matter of fact, around the world we have proven to be among the top achievers in academic and professional activity. Yet the socio-economic state of our country shows several things: a. That the average intelligence of the group is more important than having few incredibly smart people aka an average but fairly competent team will beat a terrible team with a few star players; b. That Nigerians lack the skills of organization and the ability to work with one another that is often more important than mere smarts or skills aka a balanced diverse team working together will achieve more than isolated super stars. 
2. Sometimes what is immoral/unfair in one context is the most moral or fair thing in a larger context. 

Leaders often have to make this choice and it’s always a terrible one. For instance, a general gives his soldiers a command to take a hill even when they’re outnumbered. One soldier falters, panics and starts to back down or disobey. The general, as is standard for any disciplined army, shoots him in the back. The rest obey the order and the hill is taken. Clearly it was unfair and immoral to kill a soldier for displaying an all too human weakness. And yet if he did not, the panic would spread, the soldiers would botch the attack and end up all dead. Moreover, future orders would not be adhered to as faithfully if disobedience was not punished. Thus, it takes unfair actions in the individual to produced a disciplined army in the group. I mused on this when someone asked why God did seemingly immoral things. The real answer to that though,is that I don’t know. 

3. Nigeria (and many post colonial countries) is ostensibly independent. Yet, we’ve governed ourselves either through parliamentary institutions modeled after Britain, or political constitutions modeled after USA’s, or socialist dictatorial structures invented by Soviet communists. We have a Federal Republic that isn’t federal, states that are meaningless lines around a nation that is another meaningless line. Is it too much to take a hard look at the demands of our own cultures and society and design a system of governance that reflects our realities and meets our needs for stable coexistence? I suspect the answer is in #1 above. And the powers that be, home and abroad Help us keep the BS going because what do they care? 

4. Monogamy is learned behavior, anyone can tell you that. But it is learned for a reason. Given two equal societies, one strictly monogamous and the other fully polygamous, given a few thousand years the monogamous society will have dramatically higher development and living standards. I’ll leave you to figure out the why of it but it’s fairly obvious. It’s another case where what is less than optimal for individuals (in this case constraints on their sexual choices) is overwhelmingly beneficial to society. 

5. I was reading an American Law Institute draft proposal to make any sexual act an assault unless there is an explicit, verbal YES. And that consent has to be reaffirmed moment to moment. And I started thinking to myself if people usually have Sex that way? Usually a yes if it comes at all, comes AFTER some sexual contact already exists, prior to that it is mostly implied. I mean does anyone go “may I touch you there?” Or “may we do this now?” without completely killing whatever mood is there? And if the girl or guy is mute, do they write it down? And what’s up with the moment to moment thing? You have to ask again after every thrust? Are adults even adults any more or do we have to assume this amount of state control is necessary to police bedroom intimacies? (Because there is no law without its enforcement).

6. Here is the biggest political reality of America that no one will explicitly tell you: Harvard (as a proxy for the Ivies) is the real center of American power. Whatever is the dominant ideological belief in Harvard becomes the official US policy within ten years and goes global within 20 years.

Secondly, progressivism is the official religion of the global secular elite, pushed around the world by the NGOs which are controlled by the US State Department and the media  which are both controlled by the Harvard/London School of Economics circles. Heretics are punished every bit as viciously as any Inquisition that ever existed. This is not a moral observation, it is what it is. It’s actually rather benign compared to the historical alternatives.

7. Any attempt to change Nigeria has to start from our education institutions and will not show any positive effects for at least 30 years. All other Changes are window dressing.

What do you think?

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