Have a Medical Concern? My Doctor Friends Want to Help

Lately, we’ve been hearing stories of people in Nigeria who are being failed by the healthcare system either in the form of poor care, inadequate attention, wrong diagnoses or finances. 

I talked to a few of my friends who are doctors and doctors in the making here in the US and they want to do anything they can to help. This includes consulting with anyone who has a medical issue, offering (non binding) opinions on medical tests or symtoms, referring them to the right people to talk to, helping with bills in some cases, or getting them to the US for medical attention cost effectively. The issues could be both physical and mental health related. 

So if you know anyone in Nigeria who is unsatisfied with the medical attention they’re getting, or wants to talk to a mental health expert anonymously or anyone would find something like this useful or would like one of my friends to hear their issues and offer whatever help they can, pass this post on to them and ask them to send an email to ask.ilera@gmail.com and include “MRM” in their subject line so they know I sent you.

There’ll be a phone number and website coming soon for this as well, I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s do what we can for those we can do it for. 


El Divine.

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