Teaching a Class on Financial Management 

Guys, I have some exciting news! You know how I always say that I want to do something a little more hands on than what I’ve been doing so far with this blog. Well, I have an opportunity to finally do that and I think many of you and people in your network will benefit from it!

This July, I’ll be moderating an 8 week online course on Financial Management on Beni American University’s Executive Education platform.

The course is designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs, someone managing a business, working in a corporate environment, or just plain interested learn how to prepare, manage and make use of financial and accounting information in the course of business acquire basic familiarity with financial management and reporting.

We’ll delve into cash management, financial reporting, managerial accounting, how to calculate things like working capital, net income, owner’s equity, and explore financial statements focusing on how to read them, how to analyze them and how to interpret them.

If you love business and are interested in joining or know someone who will gain from learning about stuff like that either to boost their skills at work, have a better grasp of their business or understand how to make sense of companies financial statements better, shoot me an email at ekeu@beniamerican.org or sign up directly at executive.bau.edu.ng

I’m excited at the chance to share some of the things I’ve learned in a way that can be applied!Tell your friend to tell their friends. You’ll want to be part of this. It’s an amazing way to invest in yourself, your career and your business. And if you don’t need the knowledge, pay for someone who does.

Let’s empower people to do amazing things. See you in July!


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