Trump and American Imperialism

It’s funny watching America these days because one gets the sense we are either witnessing a shadow empire in decline or a shadow empire on the cusp of stepping out of the shadows. One way or the other, something is afoot in November and we can’t take our eyes off the TV.

Trump is offensive to the sensibilities of almost everyone in sight, even to the Republican party of which he is the presidential candidate. Why? He could have been at home in the company of half the Presidents on the US currencies, he has the same boisterous mannerisms, the same parochial tantrum throwing red faced American machismo, and even the near white hair that many of them had in their day before they were dignified by history and the passage of time (who could have denied John Hancock was a rapacious scoundrel or Andrew Jackson was a total a-hole?) But you see, he bothers people now because they believe America moved on from that.

Did they really?

Not even. America didn’t move on, a good percentage of America is Trump or worse. I’ve lived here long enough to know that. It wasn’t America that moved on, it was Harvard (when I use that, I mean all the Ivies and elite universities, with the Crimson H as their prima donna and proxy). You see, the iron clad rule of American power is that whatever is the dominant ideology at Harvard becomes the ideology of the American elite within ten years and the ideology of the global elite within 20 years. That is the center of the American empire. It’s so insidious that you have to pay attention to see it happening. Check the alumni profiles of top American universities, almost all the Presidents and cabinet members, legislators and technocrats of more than 80% of the world’s 200 countries studied in a small patch of Northeastern US. And this is considered a good thing, even by myself. Among the elite of almost every country, American ideas are the accepted ideas–free markets, respect for everyone’s lifestyles, individuality, mannerism. I’m not saying it’s bad, far from it. I’m saying these ideas did not spring from Abakiliki.

Since 1944, The world has had a cohesive ideological center with America at the top of it, and countries like Russia, China, Iran as it’s antithesis. Now, Trump threatens to tip America over to the Dark Side, which, America being what it is, will upend the world in a serious way, and just might unleash an actual race to empire between America and the emerging Great Powers. That is the fear that animates November. This is why this election is so fun to watch. Impending disasters have always been incredibly fascinating to witness and this is no exception.

What do you think?

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