The Price of Money aka How Emefiele is Beating Us And Telling Us Not to Cry.

  In the light of this piece of what I can only call an unfortunate speech by Godwin Emefiele, who is, by the will of some vengeful being whom Nigerians must have collectively offended, our CBN Governor let me remind those of us who read my blog of some of the reasons why Nigeria is […]

Donald Trump Cost Bond Investors over $1 trillion (And It’s A Good Thing)

The last few weeks have cataloged the meltdown of the bond markets with rates spiking up and prices slumping as investors moved out of the safety of bonds and stocks rallied. All told, it costs investors about $1 trillion in losses on the value of their bond holdings, while institutions that make money from higher […]

Why Trump Won

“How could anyone support Trump?” is a lazy argument.”Trump ran on racism” is also a lazy argument.  Truth is that there’s been an elite consensus that went unchallenged for decades even as an increasing number of people were left out of the calculus. People were all too sure that their views were right and all […]