Why Trump Won

“How could anyone support Trump?” is a lazy argument.”Trump ran on racism” is also a lazy argument. 

Truth is that there’s been an elite consensus that went unchallenged for decades even as an increasing number of people were left out of the calculus. People were all too sure that their views were right and all alternative views were either mistaken or bigoted. When Trump challenged that concensus, it might have sounded like heresy to you, but it was true to millions.

I’m very aware that several racist and extreme people fell in the Trump bandwagon but the real drivers of his win were those who the wagon of multicultural globalism, liberal agendas and and media-academic orthodoxy have left behind. The thing with being out of touch is that you don’t realize it until reality hits you seemingly out of left field. 

Neither Brexit nor Trump came as a shock to anyone who knew how to look and could get out of their own biases for one second. Perhaps it’s the analyst in me but I was not surprised by either. Reality is my drug, I’m addicted to knowing what is real, not the ideological fantasies people project. 

You cannot Bend reality. For years, Washington ignored the voices that weren’t college educated, cosmopolitan, minority or liberal white and globalist. Policies and politics wrote them off. The GOP “ring fenced” them. They talked about the firewall that kept those voices locked away being broken. That’s pure arrogance. 

So when you see Trump win, there’s a reason for that. 

For those who elected him, I trust they know that Trump isn’t a savior either. He’s equally likely to wreck the country as he is to fix it. But he did one thing right, and that is to speak the things that the elite had decided to force into silence, even if no one would support him financially or vocally. 

In the end That won him the Presidency. 


What do you think?

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