Merry Christmas and A Piece of Business Advice (PSA)

We’ve been busy out here, mates. I have my hands so full of so much that I just have not been able to be as engaged as I’d love to be.
BUT!! I couldn’t leave you guys with nothing in this Christmas season so I had to share a little tidbit, especially for those of you who are entrepreneurial minded and looking to start your own business.

Do market research, please. I’m begging you. I cannot tell you how many people start businesses with a hazy idea of who their target customer is and a belief that “if I build it they will come.” A whole lot of energy is then devoted into refining the idea, setting it up, putting it out there only to realize that the customers aren’t materializing as fast as they should, or even worse, do not exist. I have done this, other people have done this, I have a few business plans handed to me by people who are currently doing this.
It’s unnecessary pain and suffering. Find out who your customer will be, and how receptive they are to what you’re offering them BEFORE you start. And by customer, I mean someone who is paying and has real money, so twitter polls don’t count. If you still trust anonymous polls after the year 2016 has been, I don’t even know what to tell you.
Find real people who will pay real money for your business and build a company or business around them.
That’s my free good advice for the season.

Thanks for reading the blog through the year. Let’s all enjoy the Christmas season and finish the year with a bang!

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