Blessings & Gratitude

2016 was a good year.

In January, I was promoted at work. 

In February, I kicked off in earnest a trial version of what is becoming a full time business. 

In March, I met M. Knew her for a while then but really met her.

In April, made several new friends that are like family to me now.

In May, I hit a new plane in my walk with God and nothing was the same.

In June, I went to Miami and reconnected with old friends. 

In July we travelled to Atlanta with a group of young people from my church. We became friends, mentors, mentees, and more. I took on added responsibilities.

In August, I lost CM. Tough one but it was for good. My sister got married but I couldn’t make it, which hurt. But it was a happy occasion.

In September, my brother married his Ghanaian spice 😏. I was supposed to be the best man but -again, I couldn’t attend, which pained me quite a lot but which also was for good.

In October, I had the best birthday I’ve had in a really long time. I also went to DC, then NY. Friday the 15th happened 😉.

November, Donald Trump became President-Elect which was a bit of a nightmare but nothing I didn’t prepare for. The stock market also rallied to epic proportions, making a lot of my wishes come true.

And in December, things came full circle. The business is set. My team is badass and I don’t even have to drive it. M is around. My church had the most festive, amazing, Christmas season we’ve ever had, spearheaded by us young people. My walk with God is growing stronger. I received some personal good news I had been expecting for a really long time. My friends and family are doing well in several areas. 

In all, I’m full of gratitude. Where there was a casting down generally? I could honestly say there is a lifting up. 

There were challenges this year, of course. Failures. Losses. And I understand and feel for anyone for whom this has not been a great year. Especially my Nigerians, for whom this year has been rather trying. May your 2017 be greater. May my 2017 be greater. If there is any way I can Help, let me know. 

We will attack all opportunities. We will remain positive. We will focus. We will have faith. We will work. We will serve each other. We will pray. And as surely as God remains alive, we will win in the coming year.

Thank you all for reading my blog, sharing insights, critiques, thoughts and comments. God bless you all.  

What do you think?

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