Amazon’s Wonderful Credit Card Just Got Better

I don’t know what the deal is out there in Seattle but Amazon has been on a tear this year (read my post on why you should buy their stock this year).

Now, the company is still sweetening it’s value proposition, this time in their financing/credit card department. Amazon, in collaboration with my favorite bank, JP Morgan Chase, has long offered a credit card that gave 3% back on all Amazon purchases. The card is available only to members of Amazon Prime, which is kinda obvious and self explanatory so I won’t go into it.

However, just today, the company announced that rather than earn 3% back, user of their credit card, the ‘Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card‘ will start earning 5% on all purchases as well as 2% at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, and 1% on every other purchases. On top of that, the card accumulates points, with the company rewarding you with $1 for every 100 points, and after 2,000 points, you can redeem the points for cash. And all of that comes with no annual fees whatsoever, other than your $99 per year Prime membership fee of course.

Consider that a similarly rewarding credit card, like the Chase Sapphire Rewards Card that went viral last year comes with a $450 annual fee and much higher points redemption bar and a slightly lower rewards percentage. This is an amazing deal, and it’s likely to drive more people to Prime, which of course strengthens the investment case for Amazon.

Well played, Bezos.

What do you think?

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