Jay-z’s #Illuminati Plug Comes Through

See that smile? That’s all money. Apparently, Sprint bought one third of Jay’s music streaming service Tidal for a cool $200m, valuing the company at around $600m. 

Not sure how much of that is directly connected to Jigga’s net worth since he has a bunch of artistes as co-owners but I’m sure it’s a healthy amount. He wins again. 

Considering how bad of an investment Tidal legitimately was at the time? Yet somehow,he gets a win out of it? Might be time to get my own Illuminati forms. 

But on a serious note, this illustrates the value of strategic relevance. Sprint is renewing its drive for US markets, and I’m sure it’s looking for some important offerings to woo subscribers and phone buyers with. A high fidelity music service that comes with your subscription sounds nice and also pads revenues, especially if it draws some of Sprint’s iPhone users away from Apple Music’s $10 monthly option. The rest is just some damn good negotiation.

Congrats to Mr. Carter.

My company will make you around 3% a month on your investment, or between 36-43% annually. Terms and conditions apply but if this is something you’re interested in, hit me up on Twitter @eldivyn

What do you think?

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