Your Mistake is That You Think You Have Time

I get asked all the time, how come you’re always fine? It’s because I’ve learned to see this life as a drumline, there’s a rhythm to God’s timeline. Everything is perfect, and it will flow as it must.

There is one area of departure with that mindset toward time, and that is when it’s time to act on your convictions. In that case, the best time is always Now. Right now. The mistake we often make is to think that we have time. And therefore we put away for tomorrow, things we ought to do today.

I’m reminded of this because of the passing of Nabeel Qureshi, the young preacher who converted from Islam to Christianity, then talked about that to everyone who would listen, across the world. He was not aware of it, but he was already on his way out. For five to six years, he went around preaching about his conversion. On the day his new book ‘No God But One’ came out, he fell sick and went to the hospital. Shockingly, he was diagnosed with a stomach cancer that was already in an aggressive stage 4 mutation stage, spreading all over his insides. Chemo started, and a year long battle ensued but he died at the young age of 34. He did not see it coming. But God did.

There are things in my life that I have assumed will take care of themselves, with time. I have my own plan, I have my schedule. Do I really? And so I’ve learned to search my heart to understand what is my truth, right now? What is God doing with me, right now? And how do I act on this moment in a way that redeems my time? I am currently on that path.

I know where God has promised me I’m going to be. I see the path laid out in front of me, every day when I pray. I’m even on that path right now but what I don’t know is the timeline. I don’t want to make the mistake of thinking I have time. When I don’t.

God help me.

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