On This Matter of Tithes

It appears Daddy Freeze has opened a can of worms in the Nigerian evangelical community. Good. 

It’s high time someone asked Nigerian Christians serious and important questions to force them to open their eyes and actually read the Bible they claim to believe  in so strongly. I know from experience that it’s a role that provokes extreme hostility and suspicion among Nigerians but someone has to challenge the accepted dogmas of Nigerian and really a lot of modern Christianity. Because until we do, people will continue to be hoodwinked and taken for a ride by men of God who either by design or by mistake have overstepped the bounds of their role and assumed a place in the lives of believers that God did not call them to. 

The issue of tithes is simple, if one reads the Bible with even the barest modicum of honesty and clarity. Tithing is specifically for Israelites, under the Mosaic law. That is the tithe that was commanded. However, the principle of it predates the law considering that Abraham gave a tenth of his war bounty to Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of God. What Abraham demonstrated was that in accepting that everything one has is given by God then as a sign of gratitude you should give a portion back to Him. And since He works through men here on earth most of the time, those instruments receive that gift and that’s okay. It’s a principle shown even in the story of Abel and Cain and their offerings. 

However the only people that principle was mandatory for was Israelites under the Mosaic law. It was not mandatory for Abraham and it’s not mandatory for Christians. Giving is mandatory of course, to God, to his ministers and to His Church and the New Testament understanding is that not just your 10% but your entire possessions and income belong to God. Now how much of that you want to offer back to God is entirely your choice. You can do 0% all the way to 100% depending on your conscience and your level of understanding and gratitude. And certainly everything you give to God out of a cheerful and voluntarily heart, God blesses exceptionally beyond just the blessings available to us all as believers.

But a mandatory tithe which you must give to God or else be cursed?  That does not apply to believers. It never did. No one can place you back under the law or any of its curses which you’ve been released from. God forgive any Pastor who tells you otherwise. 

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