Could This Be the Best CashBack App Ever?


Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I reviewed a financial app on here. Because lately, I haven’t been hunting for them, since I believed I was saving as much money as I possibly could while funneling all my extra change into my real estate business and a few other businesses.

But every now and then the financial gods smile on you and you discover something that gives you real value. And like always, whenever I get one of those, I bring it on here to share with you guys. You’re all welcome.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to meet the best cashback app I know of right now: Dosh. The app is a gem in that it takes something that is simple enough and intrinsically sensible, and simplifies it even further. To use Dosh, all you have to do is download the app, sign up and link your debit and credit cards securely. That’s it. Every time you use your card the way you normally would, at restaurants, retailers etc, the app searches each transaction for coupons and discounts that matches it and applies them automatically. It then deposits the savings to you in the app. You can spend that money however you want.

The other thing Dosh does which I haven’t had a chance to test out yet is that it allows you to book hotels at a much cheaper rate right from their app. But the cashback, coupon redeeming gig is where the money is at for me. Anyone knows that there are always lots of coupons out there, and usually people like us don’t have the inclination or the patience to go hunting for them to apply to our purchases. No problem, Dosh does it for you.

And since it uses coupons, it doesn’t limit itself to 2% cash back on select transactions the way most cashback credit cards do. You can get 15% back here, 10% back there, and so on depending on where you swipe your card and the kind of deals they offer. It’s amazing.

I just started using it, and I’m going to share more updates as we go along but this is one app I would not keep to myself.

Go ahead and download the app right now, and tell me your experience. Consider that my practical valentine’s day gift.

Once again, you’re welcome!


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