Road Trip (Part 2)

Sorry guys, I left you all hanging for the second part of my road trip. We left New Orleans and made our way to Dallas. The drive was uneventful, we cracked jokes, blasted music, slept, woke and kept at it. I woke up right as we pulled into Dallas, at almost midnight.

It was my first time there. I had been to Houston many times, but never Dallas. My impression of the city was nice, especially the next morning when an old friend from college drove me around the area, before a stop at the mall. It was clean, felt young and energetic and there were lots of high flying tech, finance and life sciences companies down town. It felt like a city for a young up and comer. I have a feeling I might re-engage the city soon, on my terms. The last time I felt that way about a city was in December when I was in Lagos. I know I’ll be back.

One of my buddies (and my Yoruba tutor) who I really wanted to see happened to be in DC the same weekend we came. But my old college friends made us some Nigerian food and then my cousin who works as a doctor in the city took us to a Nigerian lounge, we had a pool party that led to us getting major drunk and then having some deep, wasted conversations. Those are always great.

That night we stepped out to the Villa, the Nigerian hangout. G boys were there in all their criminal Glory, flexing Bentleys, Benzes and Maseratis. Normal thing. We went in, popped champs, smoked shisha and gave them our best shaku and legbegbe. The next day, we hiked, I had a conference call with my business partners, watched Arsène Wenger’s final moments at Arsenal, then we went to this restaurant called Deep Ellum to watch footy and have brunch and mimosas.

After that we did a quick 4 hour hop to Houston. We stayed in my friend’s apartment, which was uber comfortable. I always prefer homes that I know over hotels or Airbnbs. We mostly spent our time in Houston sleeping, and spent most of the next day gisting, having the girls do twerk sessions and laying around. Much later in the afternoon, we went to visit the offices of our upstart firm, Elliotte Capital.

More on Elliotte later. My cousin Davidson took us to visit one of his married friends who went to high school with us. She made the meanest, sexiest egusi soup I’d had in a while and we watched Nigerian movies, played with her one year old, very active and sharp son. We also hung with her mom and her husband then dropped off my friend before hitting the road to Panama City Beach, Florida.

Watch out for the Concluding part. All the fun went down in Florida

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