One Month Hiatus: Investment Club, Real Estate, Financial Markets and Other Updates

Whew! This is exactly one month since my last post on here.

I didn’t mean to do you all like that but your boy was very very busy.

A few updates: the investment club I talked about in April is up and running now. We have around 70 people, and it’s growing. We kicked off our first month of investing and we’re up already but that’s not material cos we’re doing this for the long term. Website is coming soon, and more. If you’re interested send an email to rumexxcapital at gmail dot com expressing your interest.

There are a few more interesting things that I will be announcing very soon. The work on them is ongoing, and all I can say is that it will be exciting and very rewarding for anyone who gets in it so you guys should keep your eyes on this space.

The goal as always is to serve you all and provide you with financial solutions that will make your lives better.

I haven’t been talking that much about my stock and real estate investing. Our renovation was completed. All the shenanigans involved in working with contractors, supplies, missed deadlines and trying to find the right property manager would take several posts by themselves. However, by June 1, we rented the house to a solid tenant right before I traveled to California. So far it’s been calm and we’re getting some cash flow which I’m just going to allow to sit so that we can reinvest the money into growing the portfolio.

Looking at the overall US market, there are a few things I’ve taken note of. Real estate prices have continued to rise, which is starting to stretch both pockets and sales numbers. However, yours truly is okay with that cos I mostly target off-market inventory for my business which tend to lag the broader market in price appreciation. Stocks have also continued to tear, and my portfolio has been suffering from the trade war volatility. However, all my positions are based on solid evaluations of the business opportunities which means I don’t xare that they’re down. We’re into long term ownership.

Some of the names on my radar that I’m considering investing in include Ubisoft, Evolution Games, YY Inc, and Tencent. I’m also looking into good healthcare and consumer staples stocks to get into.

Final points: money is going to be leaving emerging markets more as dollar keeps rising, interest rates increase in US and developed markets and debt issues hit the developing markets. I’m hoping when the tide turns, I have enough fire power because that would be the best time to start investing into emerging markets.

That’s all I have for you now. But like I said, watch this space because we will be announcing something REALLY big soon.

Go forth and win.




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