Apple Hits $1TRILLION

It finally happened. Apple Inc. became the first company to hit a trillion dollar market capitalization ever in the history of everything.

This is a legendary moment.

From the days when Apple was almost going under, to the re-emergence of Steve Jobs and the creation of the iPhone, this is one of the most remarkable come back stories of all time, and the most legendary business on earth today. Beautiful.

The stock crossed $207.05 briefly to touch that milestone although it has since come back down to just around $980Bn. The stock (which we hold in our investment club portfolio) is up 20% this year and has generally shrugged off the last tech sector slump that hit Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and even Amazon.

We await the other companies closest to that trillion dollar mark to see who will take second place. The contenders include Amazon at $876Bn, Google at $854Bn and Microsoft at $823Bn.

There is no larger business point to this post, no macro economic analysis behind it, except to point out that we could look back at this current period as one of the high points of the current bubble. Doesn’t matter. Might even be the high point of the iPhone era. Doesn’t matter. The point is that between Jobs, Ive, Cook and everyone at Apple, a commitment to excellent products at the forefront of the zeitgeist has delivered the most valuable company of all time. There are many lessons there.

If you wish to join the club where we contribute $55 or more every month and pool that into US equities, then send an email to rumexxcapital at gmail dot com and someone will let you know how to proceed. Read this post to get the basics.

We have some other interesting announcements coming up and we need you to watch this space. Our whole thing is, you might not personally be worth a trillion dollars but we will do our best to make sure you do well with what money you do invest.



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