I feel really bad for neglecting this space. I loved and still love blogging here, sharing my experiences with you all and learning alongside you as we embark on this investments journey.

Life got really busy and writing here has suffered for it but lately I’ve been looking for ways to get back into it.

A conversation I had this week solidified it for me. A long time reader who has followed most of the posts and conversations here told me how she used to read these posts when she had nothing to invest. It was so heart warming that today she has investments in stocks, and was talking to me about her experiences investing in agric processing in Nigeria, peer to peer lending and more. More so, we discussed funds she has on hand, how she got there in the last few years and where she needs to commit these funds in the coming years to build her portfolio and compound her investments over the long term. I kid you not when I say that I felt a bit teary eyed. If you’re reading this, home girl, I’m proud of you. Long may it grow.

By way of updates, I’m not sure how many of you have kept up with going on in my private life. I and a few friends got together and launched a cryptocurrency exchange back in 2017, called Buycoins to help Nigerians enjoy the best experience with crypto universe, as a whole.

In March 2019, my new team and I launched a platform for real estate backed dollar investments called Cashestate that has already funded two major property purchases on behalf of our investors, with more on the way.

We also have had an active investment club for the past one year that has been pretty lowkey although we’re getting ready to boost that up more once we solidify a few things in house.

Bottom line, it’s been a busy couple of years.

However, I feel very grateful for it because not a lot of people get the opportunity to do what they love for a living. I definitely do not take it lightly.

There is one thing in the offing right now, for those of you who are curious enough. My partner and myself along with a third party investor from within my network are coming together to purchase a private business out in Ohio. I will share more details about this once it’s concluded and my partners permit.

And lastly, I have to add this since some people have made comments that suggested that because we’re doing investments it must mean I have money. It’s not quite how it works. Yes, I receive income from some things I’ve done before but I then almost always reinvest or push them back into the things I’m working on now.

Which means I am almost always within a few standard deviations Of broke. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I’m young enough to have minimal financial needs and all I have is time to compound my investments so it’s best to put as much of them to work as I reasonably can. But yeah, stop telling me I have money. We are all in this hustle together and like Nipsey Hustle says, it’s a marathon.

Well, there you have most of it. I’ll endeavor to write here a lot more but if you need to you can always follow some of what we are writing at Cashestate’s blog.

As always, continue to follow the path less travelled by when it comes to your investing.

Only the rebels win.


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