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These Guys Want to Help You Invest in Startups Before They IPO

Or are they? I found a curious thing. It’s an exchange called Sandhill Exchange¬†that claims to help you invest in hot startups before they go public. Which lately, as we all know, has become the best time to invest in them (I mean companies are raising private funding rounds of $2billion. We’ve had IPOs ten […]

Apple Stuff.

You know when Jay-z retired, then unretired? You know when a soccer star hangs his boot, then unhangs it? You remember when Thierry Henry came back to Arsenal for a season? Then you know how I felt yesterday during Apple’s event. I felt fulfilled. I felt happy. I felt satisfied. I hadn’t felt that way […]

News Wrap

Here are some interesting news I’ve stumbled into for the day. 1. HSBC is being charged by the Swiss with aiding tax evasion, on top of money laundering and a bazillion other missteps the bank has had lately. I tweeted about it yesterday because the news release I read made the most hilarious statement about […]

Starting Out

I’m writing this post for a good friend who is starting out trying to build her portfolio. At the same time, anyone could use it, if they’re new to building an investment portfolio. As always however, they are opinions. That you choose to act on them places full responsibility on you. Investing in the markets […]