Mutilated Currency Division or Why US Dollars Tend to Always Be Cleaner and Fresher than Naira

Every year, twenty three thousand cases get sent into the Mutilated Currency Division (MCD) of the US Treasury. The problem is usually very simple, someone has some physical cash that is damaged in some way. It could be either fire, water, chemicals, insects, animals, petrification from burying or whatever else. As long as the money […]

Why Trump Won

“How could anyone support Trump?” is a lazy argument.”Trump ran on racism” is also a lazy argument.  Truth is that there’s been an elite consensus that went unchallenged for decades even as an increasing number of people were left out of the calculus. People were all too sure that their views were right and all […]

Gone Global: the U.S. Fed as Global Banker of Last Resort

I’m doing some reading on current activities of the US Federal Reserve in light of their classic mandate to coordinate inflation and unemployment in the United States. I decided to write a post on the changing role of the Fed since the last recession more to clarify my understanding than anything else. If it seems […]

On Nigerian Development

I just want to share some thoughts on my mind about Nigeria and our efforts at development. When it comes down to it, development, while masquerading as economic is not quite that. A sufficiently developed country becomes a civilization. It evolves rules, institutions, cultural touchstones and all of these shapes the citizenry, with spillover effects […]