Robinhood, Square Cash and More Are All Coming for Coinbase

Coinbase has long been the only way to most convenient way to buy crypto currencies in the US, making over $1 bn last year in fees and revenue from people buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Now, that comfortable dominance is being challenged by none other than Robinhood and Square Cash. I opened my […]

How to Boost Your Investment Performance Through Smart Trading in Bitcoin

Crypto currencies are biggest craze in financial markets right now, for good reason. It’s almost impossible to be in finance in 2017 and not to have heard about the blockchain and the digital tokens it enables, the main ones among them being Ethereum and Bitcoin. I won’t go into the intricacies of what Bitcoin is […]

Buy Bitcoin 2017

A number of people have hit me up to ask about Bitcoin so instead of repeating myself to multiple people, I’ve decided to make a post. You’re all welcome.  Now, I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency so don’t say that I gave you that impression. This is a personal blog. These are just my opinions. […]