TD Ameritrade now lets you buy stocks on Facebook Messenger

I’m not sure what to make of this. On one hand I suppose it’s a nifty idea, that TD Ameritrade will allow it’s customers linke their facebook accounts so they can make deposits, buy ETFs and stocks directly from their Facebook messenger. I’m hoping customers asked for it, because I know I use online brokers […]

These Guys Want to Help You Invest in Startups Before They IPO

Or are they? I found a curious thing. It’s an exchange called Sandhill Exchange that claims to help you invest in hot startups before they go public. Which lately, as we all know, has become the best time to invest in them (I mean companies are raising private funding rounds of $2billion. We’ve had IPOs ten […]

The Long View: You, Mark Zuckerberg and Wall Street Expectations.

“invest in the future, don’t dilute your finances”- Kendrick Lamar It’s the consensus view on Wall Street that a publicly traded company should beat revenue and earnings expectations. A company’s stock price usually climbs when they do, and falls when they don’t. And it makes sense, of course, in most cases. If a company is […]